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  • Andrew Bolton,
    Graduate Student , Harvard University

  • Siwen Liao,
    Founder, Milliard Harmony Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

I received a letter from National Association of Distinguished Professionals, how did you get my name?
You were selected based on a search criteria of executive and professional mailing lists. We gather information from numerous available sources including professional associations, trade organizations, newspapers and magazines, and professional reference publications.

Who nominated me?
You were not nominated, but selected by National Association of Distinguished Professionals.

How is an individual selected for candidacy?
Individuals that are members of professional associations or subscribe to certain periodicals have sought enrichment within their career fields or participate in activities that extend beyond the workplace, are selected for candidacy. Our selection committee looks for individuals that would benefit most from our networking resources.

Who is National Association of Distinguished Professionals?
National Association of Distinguished Professionals specializes in providing members with biographical information of Executives and Professionals. We connect members from all over the world who can network, exchange ideas, and conduct business ventures together.

Why would someone join this organization?
Being a member of National Association of Distinguished Professionals provides instant exposure to a vast network of professionals, as well as open access lines of communication with thousands of like-minded members. For more information, please read our benefits section.

How long should I wait to be interviewed?
Because of the overwhelming amount of responses, you can expect to be contacted within two and four weeks from the time we receive your application.

How much does it cost to be included?
There is no cost for the complimentary listing in our online registry. There is a cost associated with our membership program, as they feature additional products and services.

What other membership levels are available?
Various levels of memberships are available to our members. Upon your acceptance into National Association of Distinguished Professionals, a representative will review these programs with you.

What are the different types of membership programs?
There are several different membership programs available to our members. Each membership consists of one or more of the member products listed in the Member Benefits section of our website. For more information please submit your application and a representative will contact you.

What do I get with a complimentary listing in the online registry?
You will receive a basic online biographical profile. You will not receive any of the benefits of membership.

Member Q&A: Common Questions of Current Members

Where do I find my username and password to login?
Your unique username and password can be found in your original welcome packet on the galley proof copy of your profile and also on your paid statement.

How do I make change to my profile?
Once you log in to the NADP site with your username and password, click on "View Your Profile" to make any changes. Be sure to click on the "Send" button at the bottom. Once you click send, our editorial staff will review your profile and approve your changes according to our editorial house style and guidelines. This process may take 3-5 business days to complete.

How can I upload my photo?
Once you log in to the NADP site with your username and password, click on "Upload Image" to submit a photo. You can send a hardcopy via postal mail by making it attention to Editorial Staff. Click on Contact Us at the bottom of the NADP homepage for our mailing address. NOTE: photos that are sent in via postal mail are NOT returned.

Where can I find a copy of the NADP logo and seal?
You can download a copy of our official logo and seal by logging in to the NADP site with your username and password and clicking on "Camera Ready Art".

How do I order a plaque?
To purchase a personalized plaque, contact us directly. See our Member Benefits page for more information.

Who do I speak to about a press release?
Send an email to specifying that you are interested in having a press release written up on you or your organization and someone in our public relations department will reply back with all the different press release options available.

How can I send email blasts to members regarding an upcoming event I am hosting or product I am launching?
NADP offers every member an e-release service. This service enables members to have a short press release drawn up to announce your event, product, or service that can be emailed to a targeted audience/group of NADP members based on geographic area, topic, and industry. See our Member Benefits page for more information.

How do I cancel my membership?
As was explained to you by your representative at point of sale, all memberships are personalized and processed immediately. Due to the personalized nature of the items, all membership sales are final and no refunds will be issued for our service and all accompanying personalized products.

If you have any questions about your membership cancellation or our refund policy, please contact us at: (855) 893-NADP (6237)

Questions about NADP Business Capital:

How much funding can I obtain through NADP?
Depending on the working capital program you choose, you can receive anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000 in funds to be used however you deem fit for your business.

How fast can I receive funding?
With a merchant cash advance or a small business loan from NADP, your application can be reviewed in as little as 24 hours. Once approved, you will typically receive funding within 7 to 10 days. If you choose the traditional bank loan route, you may have to wait several months to receive your money. As such, when you need immediate working capital for your business, NADP's fast and flexible programs have a clear advantage over a complicated and slow traditional bank loan.

Do I need a business plan to obtain working capital through NADP?
No. One of the many advantages of a NADP program over a traditional bank loan is that NADP does not require a business owner to provide a business plan in order to receive funding. On the other hand, the majority of traditional lenders require applicants to provide a written business plan that describes the nature of the business, target market, nature of competition, marketing plan, and list of likely expenses. They often also require financial models and documents such as a projected cash flow statement, balance sheet and income statement.

Can I qualify for funding if I have bad credit?
Yes. Because our small business loan and cash advance programs are based on your business' sales history rather than your personal credit history, a low credit score will not prevent you from acquiring the cash you need.

However, we do offer Platinum Funding programs for our cash advance and loan products, designed for businesses with a minimum credit score of 640. If you don’t meet this minimum credit score requirement, feel free to apply for our Standard cash advance and business loan programs.

What can the funds provided by NADP be used for?
Whatever your business needs! Unlike a traditional bank loan where the bank dictates what the loan can and cannot be used for, a NADP merchant cash advance or small business loan can be used however you see fit for your business. NADP believes that as a business owner, you know your business better than anyone and therefore know the best place to use the money.

Some common uses for our funding include paying seasonal expenses, meeting payroll expectations, remodeling your existing location or investing in a new location, purchasing inventory and equipment, developing an advertising and marketing campaign, creating an e-commerce website and hiring or training additional staff. Since NADP will typically provide you with working capital much faster than a traditional bank loan, some business owners turn to NADP to pay for emergency expenses (i.e., when you are hit with an unexpected tax liability, fine, or bill).

How do I contact National Association of Distinguished Professionals?

560 Broadhollow Rd.
Suite 310
Melville, NY 11747

Ph: (855) 893-NADP (6237)
Fax: (631) 465-9035

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