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Meet some of our executive members

  • Kirstie McPherson,
    Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Edeveco

  • Lancia Soans,
    Owner, Designer, Lancia Designs

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Member Benefits

Being a member of National Association of Distinguished Professionals provides instant exposure to a vast network of professionals, and opens the lines of communication with thousands of like-minded members.

NADP members receive the following benefits:

Online Members Area
The NADP Members Directory provides members with complete access to biographies and contact information for other NADP members. Your biography, contact information, accomplishments, and business interests can be listed in our members area to be viewed by other NADP members at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

The National Association of Distinguished Professionals registry is a member directory listing all members, along with their biographies and detailed information alphabetically. Each listing contains the member's name, address, email address, company name, title, business address, website URL, type of organization, expertise, education, affiliations, services, hobbies, and volunteer work.

Commemorative Wall PlaqueCommemorative Wall Plaque & Certificate of Recognition
Let people know that you are a participating member of National Association of Distinguished Professionals by displaying your personalized wall plaque or certificate of recognition. Both the laser engraved wall plaque and certificate commemorates your inclusion as an honored member of our organization.

Camera Ready Art
You may also choose NADP's camera ready art for inclusion with documents and letterheads.

Website and Email Links
Gain additional exposure by using our website and email links. Each member's standard biography contains his or her website and email address. National Association of Distinguished Professionals automatically links your website and email address to ours. This means that any member searching NADP's online biography can be linked automatically to your website in a flash giving you unlimited, free publicity. You can also be contacted via email in seconds through this process, making networking easier and faster than ever.

Press Releases
Take advantage of NADP's press releases to announce your membership, upcoming event, accomplishment, or any other announcement. Your release will be published on the web and forwarded to your favorite publications in your area by request.

Electronic Releases (E-Releases)
NADP's custom-written electronic releases will help you and/or your business get the attention it demands by formulating a press release designed by our highly trained public relations professionals. Your e-release will be catered to your specific announcement, new product, service, or upcoming event, is approved by you and released to other members via email. Our public relations department will hand select each member that we feel will benefit by your release based on your industry preference and location. Whatever your marketing needs are, let us help you target your business through e-releases.

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